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Let's get a coffee & chat!

You signed the contract now what??


  • 90 / 30 days before, the wedding we make our first meeting at the venue 

               We will go over all your details, make a rough floor plan and timeline for the day. 


  • 30  days before, I come to your house and we will go through all your décor together. We set out what you have and organize the decor to make the day of set up a little smoother. We also set up mock tables and take photos so I can see your style and vibe. (Partial Package ONLY) 


  • 2 weeks before, we meet for coffee and go over all your final details, firm up the timeline and floor plan.                 This is also when final payment is due. (max 2 hours) 


  • Rehearsal Night!!,  bring me all your ceremony décor, we rehearse as many times as we need to get it right, then you and your family go off to your rehearsal dinner.  


  • The big day is here, you worry about hair and makeup with your close friends and family and I will take                care of the rest. At the end of the night, I will pack up all the décor and help load into whom every car you decide. 

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